Advantages of Equipment Leasing/Hire Purchase

Our equipment leasing/hire purchase options enhance solid business growth​

Options to add liquidity...easy to apply for, swift in approvals and offering options of your choice

Five reasons to use equipment leasing/hire purchase services of KF&E?

  • - Liquidity enhancement

    No need for large capital outlays for equipment purchase; More of your money can be used for working capital

  • - Easy to apply for, fast approvals and no asset collateral required

    A personal guarantee and a lien on the equipment registered as collateral are used instead.

  • - Equal monthly installments, thus simplifying cost calculations

    Fixed interest rates apply

  • - All types of equipment in all business segments are eligible

    Contracts start at THB500,000

  • - Larger tax deductions

    Using leasing, monthly rental payments can be 100% expensed and are tax deductible

Examples of eligible equipment